MIRRORS - Choose from 6 designs, Choose Gold or Silver

Image of MIRRORS - Choose from 6 designs, Choose Gold or Silver

$77 [$70 + GST]

Choose from 6 different designs in either silver mirror or gold mirror acrylic. Each mirror is 9mm thick with a timber back and bamboo front outlining the mirror.
The mirror is like a true mirror where you can see into it clearly - please note true colours looking into the gold mirror change in the reflection (gold tones)

Mirrors can be sat on shelves or hung on walls using suitable double sided wall mounting tape or strips

Measurements of designs [the list order below matches the order of images shown:

Shell: H 20cm, W 24cm
Arch: H 29cm, W 20cm
Sunrise Triangle: H 29cm, W 20cm
Half Sun: H 17cm, W 29cm
Dome: H 20cm, W 29cm
Down Arrow: H 29cm, W 20.5cm

Please note wood grain may vary from pictures shown

TURN AROUND: All items are made to order in our workshop and studio in the Noosa Hinterland. Made with much love and care, orders can take up to 3 weeks in production.

POSTAGE & HANDLING: Within Australia is via regular post, please email if express or registered is required. Please email to discuss International Shipping

GST: Please note pricing excludes GST and will be charged in the PayPal checkout

LOOK BUT DON'T TOUCH: Items are not to be handled by children, they are for eyes only. Do not hang items above cots or beds or within a child's reach